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Interviewed bycircle-croppedTove Hernlund


Getting back on track: how different personalities get started again after summer

Friday, August 21, 1:00–1.30 PM (CET) | If you can't attend, we'll send you a link to the recording.

What is the webinar about?

Even during a normal year, returning to work after summer vacations can carry very mixed feelings for employees. Many feel demotivated and in a lull, despite enjoying their jobs. Due to Covid-19, many are now also coming back to situations like having fewer colleagues, restructured company setups, and still working from home.
Different personalities handle this type of situation differently, and encouragement therefore should be given in different ways. What do we know about how various personalities tackle getting back on track? What motivators can and should we utilize for different people? Join us as we talk to Kajsa Asplund, PhD in Talent Management, about what simple steps you can take to ensure that your employees are motivated and encouraged.
What you will learn:
 - How different personality types handle stress and uncertainty
 - What motivates different types of profiles
 - How to increase the psychological safety of your team members